Fundraiser over but still taking donations

Our Boston butt fundraiser for our mission trip to South Dakota this summer is over. And, it was a great success. But, remember, we are still taking donations for the mission trip to South Dakota.

Thanks to David Bacon and Lamar Young of the award-winning Three Knocks BBQ for smoking the meat over-night at the church. Also, thanks to Nick Higdon for all his help. AND, thanks to everyone else who came by to help, sold tickets for the meat, bought tickets, etc … it was a huge success thanks to everyone who helped.

“Come and get it.🐷 Pork is ready for pick up. Thanks to all who bought a butt or donated for the mission work. And thanks to (Three Knocks BBQ ) for smoking the meat!”
-Nick Higdon 

Nick Higdon took a photo of prep work

Nick’s photo of some of the whole Boston butts.

Paula Bean’s photos (below) of cooking, preparing, and cleanup

Don’t be fooled … we didn’t let Pastor Eddie do any of the cooking!

We had a large crowd of church members show up to help.

Thanks for all the muscle, men.

The men even cleaned the parking lot when the cooking and prep was done.

Benny & Briana Feltman ready to eat the delicious bbq for dinner later Saturday evening.

Briana Feltman says, “If our church mission trip to South Dakota goes as well as our fundraiser did, then we will be very blessed. I want to thank David Bacon, and Lamar Young for a wonderful job cooking … the barbecue is amazing. And of course our Pastor and his great leadership. And all the church members who helped what a success.”